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Reacting to the deaths of more than 105 people on the use of substandard tablets, Chief Minister has announced a cash amount of Rs 0.5 million for all the victims of such negligence. The same amount was announced for the victims of Dengue fever. No proper inquiry or procedure was followed to curb the spreading of disease in subsequent years.

On the other hand, I am amazed to see the government setting the price of life in Pakistan, denying any policy making to stop such fatal accidents. Its one of the other gifts Democracy has given to Pakistan. A cash reward for everything. You don’t need to clean up the mess. What you need to avoid the public anger is to announce a cash reward, visit victims home, release a press statement, invite media to the victim’s house to make their life hell on that day and finally issue a statement on national politics.

Many of those affected are poor patients: BBCNews

Another way to divert public attention is to sack a low level employee or an employee who has a long distant relation with one of your political rivals. You don’t need to initiate an inquiry. It’s of no use. Its takes a long time and renders no result. But if immediate inquiry was ordered, the blame will, in most of the cases, be placed on the person who was sacked earlier by the ‘competent authority’. Thus proving the ‘competent authority’ all clean and honest.

When I read news or articles on international websites, discussing drawbacks of government policies, ways to improve such mechanisms and the work they do for the benefit of their citizens, I feel like nowhere. I feel lost because I cannot engage in a constructive discussion. Reason being; I don’t have a government. I don’t have the ministers whom I can proudly refer to as hardworking and honest towards their portfolio. We have fixed, a price, for loss any life in Pakistan, just like many other things including cases of fake murder, fake kidnappings, fake degrees, fake love for the very own country which is still bleeding.

We try to adopt everything, quite traditionally, what Europeans do. Follow them what they do. What we see about them is their club dance, sex, and more sex, kissing in public, nude fashion shows and beaches, drugs and rap music that makes-you-look-cool.

But there are many things other than those mentioned. Why don’t our people see the hard work their people do to get those luxurious/glamorous outings. Their people, their governments are working day and night. They have designed policies for their country, to sustain any social/political/economic pressure for next 10 years. It was their planning that made their economy bear the heavy burden of recession. Greece is a perfect example of how messed up a country can be if proper policies are not designed/implemented.

Punjab government is a perfect example of how worse a government can be. First it was the Dengue that killed hundreds of people. CM had no idea what hell it was breaking lose. His cabinet was nowhere to be seen. Then I saw an MPA from ruling party of the province stating proudly “CM has 22 portfolios with him. People must be ashamed of themselves; one person is performing the tasks of 22 ministers. Isn’t that impressive?”

We have never learnt from history. We don’t want to mend our behavior, the policies, way of working, mechanism to control disasters. Recently, a stampede caused the deaths of 4 students at Alhamra Cultural Complex. Reports suggested there were around 7000 people present instead of a limited capacity of 4000. Thus our very competent political representatives under the leadership of CM, decided to ban ‘Objectional’ concerts all across Punjab. This was the decision we all had been waiting for. Instead of controlling the management and punishing those responsible for filling the hall beyond its capacity they banned the concerts. Similarly, the heart patients and their relatives, for whom I don’t have any words and the courage to express my grief, are to be given an amount of Rs. 0.5 million. No meaningful inquiry or sense of shame. If the same happened in some European country, the concerned official including the highest authority might have resigned. They resign before someone asks for it.

I am not supporting anyone, be it Mansoor Ijaz, Hussain Haqqani, Army Chief, DG ISI, or CJ, but one must acknowledge, Hussain Haqqani did resign. Things would have been worse if he had declined to do so, though I don’t appreciate the hurdles created by him and his party against a key witness. We must appreciate good things, and for that, I have a lot of respect for Ambassador Hussain Haqqani. Same approach must be adopted by our leaders, only then we can set the trend of accepting our mistakes with an open heart. Else our nation will die fighting over tiny tablets.

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    January 29, 2012 2:00 amPosted 2 years ago

    hussain haqqani aur mansoor ejaz milay hway hain. there will be a drop scene before elections

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    January 29, 2012 3:40 pmPosted 2 years ago

    Everything above said ia true but the question remains the same yhat what is the answer


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